Martí Guixé usually looks pretty frightening in photographs. Before I met him, I’d only seen a portrait of him wearing a black leather jacket, lowering out of a dark background. “Were you scared?” asks the Catalan designer, when I tell him about his intimidating image.

A Spanish winery is home to a luxury, 43-bedroom hotel designed by Frank Gehry. The hotel comprises two buildings on the family-owned Marqués de Riscal estate, in the region of La Rioja in northern Spain.

A torso in a bikini lies near the shore of the Belgian coastal town of Bredene. The giant limbless figure is a bar made by Dutch artist and designer Joep van Lieshout (interviewed in icon 029).
DIY is dead. Which isn't to say that millions of people don't still put up their own wonky shelves, but as a cultural phenomenon it has had its day. Like God and "the author" in previous eras - only less portentously - it has been toppled with an apathetic "No thanks".
Poor old Europe is a bit neglected these days, we feel.

The Zeche Zollverein in Essen, Germany, is a Jurassic Park of Bauhaus architecture.

The singular haircut of Matali Crasset has been freshly clipped in our honour. "I just did it this morning," she admits, brushing at the telltale shavings still adhering to her face and neck. "I go to a Chinese place nearby."