If you're not interested in football, turn the page now. Our icon this month is Arsenal striker Thierry Henry, and we’re not even going to attempt to justify our selection on design grounds.

“How can you beat them?” asks Winy Maas of MVRDV rhetorically. He is setting out the battleground of contemporary architecture like a general plotting the response to an invasion.

Stargazing in FAT's installation at the RIBA prompts a hollow, Hollywood kind of loneliness.

An SMS guerrilla projector displayed text messages on to fans and walls at a concert by The Streets at London’s Astoria.

One adjective is rarely enough for Patrizia Moroso.

A rooftop nursery has been designed by London-based practice What Architecture. Built as part of the UK’s Neighbourhood Nurseries Initiative, the centre aims to provide affordable pre-school care for working mothers in the low-income neighbourhood of Clapton, east London.

Engineers, heroes and the Queen. The symbolism on these new coins sustains a very particular British mythology.

Jamie Hewlett is sitting at his desk in a basement studio in west London trying to define his job title. "Ummm ... artist? Yeah. I'm an artist," he says.