This is Renzo Piano's worst building. The master Italian architect has succumbed to empty monumentalism, in the least likely of projects in the least likely of places.

The four women who make up Front work in an old bus garage in the south of Stockholm. The building is soon to be demolished, so there is an eerie vacancy to the place, and a sense of imminent change.

"Mondays! Mondays are terrible," says Iñaki Abalos. Which is unfortunate, as I’ve chosen a Monday to come to Madrid and interview Abalos and his partner Juan Herreros.
normally we cover things that are interesting but for once we decided to write about things that are really
Taste? Subtlety? Understatement? In Las Vegas? Resort tycoon Steve Wynn's new hotel-casino-experience on the Strip may turn out to be a bigger gamble than he thought.

The Phaeno Science Centre may be Zaha Hadid’s most important building yet. The €79 million (£55m) project, in Wolfsburg in northern Germany, is the most complex free-standing building Hadid’s office has completed.

With its good looks and raw power, the PSP demands to be taken seriously. But does it offer anything new.
This venerable summer fixture comes round again with the usual mountain of nudes and cats.