“I can do anything. I could have been a dentist and I would have been the best dentist ever. I could have been a farmer. I really feel I could have done a lot of different things and I’m pretty sure that whatever I’d have done I’d have done it with so much passion and love that I’d do a great job.”

David Adjaye met Oscar Niemeyer while making a radio programme for the BBC on major figures in 20th-century architecture. Here, the young architect tells icon about it. The programme, which also includes Kenzo Tange, IM Pei and Moshe Safdie, airs in March.

The intersection of mundanity, necessity and the sublime is showcased in the Thomas Heatherwick Conran Collection at the Design Museum.

Has Frank Nuovo changed your life? As chief designer and vice president at Nokia Mobile Design, the Italian-American has been instrumental in transforming mobile phones from ridiculous bricks into seductive and ubiquitous multi-functional devices.

The first two spreads contain adverts for Prada and Gucci and one of the first essays is titled “The Evil Architects Do” – welcome to Content, Rem Koolhaas’s new book.

A Swedish attempt to rationalise the domestic routines of single men makes for a quirky, endearing treat of a film from director Bent Hamer.

Marble dust crunches underfoot, frost is forming on your eyelashes and you can’t feel your thumbs. Ahead a structure looms like the wreck of an ice-breaker – magnificent and useless. But not abandoned. A crowd is circling and there are even people clambering up the sides. After all, this is not sculpture, this is architecture. This is Zaha Hadid’s latest… thing.

The Camden Arts Centre’s north London home has always been characterful but problematic.