Branislav Kropilak is fascinated by industrial architecture.

Having an entire country as your sandpit often gives tyrants delusions of architecture. North Korea's dictator has even put his theories on paper.

Two of the world’s most prestigious design schools plan to open branches in exotic locations. Why are they globalising, and what are the risks, asks Anna Bates.
Plough lines in metal decorate the rooftop of a former Holiday Inn in downtown Los Angeles.
"We got a small map, we took a shovel and bucket and we dug," says Nadine Sterk, of Dutch design studio Atelier NL.

MVRDV has completed this apartment building and children's centre in Westerdok, just north of the centre of Amsterdam.

Hemmed in by its neighbours on an awkward plot in central Tokyo, this house and atelier by Takei-Nabeshima Architects (TNA) was a conundrum for the firm's principals.
These paper bags hold "more than I can carry," says Munich-based designer Saskia Diez.
"It's a non-design really," says Mark Holmes of the debut collection for Minimalux.

Mission One is Yves Béhar's latest project - an electric motorbike that tries to hide its green credentials in favour of "boy's toy" styling.

A giant jigsaw puzzle is the first thing that comes to mind when looking at Kazuyo Sejima & Associates' apartment block in Okurayama, Japan.
The Portuguese architect came to London to receive the Royal Gold Medal for architecture from the Queen in February. We met him in between cigarette breaks.

This year's Milan furniture fair is shaping up intriguingly, with some of the most important brands not exhibiting at I Saloni.