A fascist activist who stripped modernism of its social value, Philip Johnson has a lot of explaining to do. Do these final interviews shed any light on a slippery enigma?
Boris Johnson wants a new bus for London, to smite the socialistic Bendies. The result is a convoy of cuddly clones, says William Wiles.
This exhaustive and dazzling book can impress even those now jaded by the familiar cliches of Chinese hyper-urbanism says Gabriel Coxhead.
Luxury engineering has created a fascinating and sensual object that is completely out of touch with modern communications.

Here comes the hive mind - a website with 30,000 users producing hundreds of thousands of interior designs using real furniture, voting for their favourites and blogging about design.

Philippe Rahm admits he's a pervert. In fact, he'll go further and describe what he does as "a double perversion".

The wind screamed as we searched for a hole in the fence, picking our way through the uprooted bushes scattered around like tumbleweed.

Infecting factories with a beautiful virus.
"With this chair we fulfil strict regulations that allow fat arses to sit on a delicate small chair," says Munich-based designer Stefan Diez, quite matter-of-factly.
"High towers are like deserts for human interaction," says Minsuk Cho of Korean architecture practice Mass Studies.
8½ is the name of Pierre Charpin's new collection of limited-edition works for Galerie Kreo in Paris.

Speed was the key experience that Viennese architect Delugan Meissl wanted visitors to experience at its Porsche Museum, which has just opened in Stuttgart.

Plasma Studio has created this sculptural family house in the Italian Alps.

A little finger could lift this chair. Designed by recent Italian graduate Paolo Cappello, the IRI chair is so pared down it is better described as a stool with a handle.

Bag stools is a collection of urban furniture cast from the negative space of upturned paper bags, making the base of the bag a perfect seating area.
Villas des Vignoles is meant to be a slice of paradise in Paris' 20th arrondissement.
SimCity, which was first released 20 years ago, isn't really a game.
Does a virtual rag-doll called Sackboy show that all design could be produced on games consoles?