An insightful book on Gordon Matta-Clark captures the infectious spirit of fun that informed the work of this oddly neglected figure.

The normal hierarchies of architecture are dissolved in the latest deeply gothic instalment of the Resident Evil saga.

Prefab apartment buildings are a bit like London buses: you don't see any for a couple of decades and then three come along at once.

Britain's most forthright architecture critic was drafted in to reinvigorate the Architecture Foundation last year. Later this month, director Rowan Moore unveils the organisation's new manifesto. The London Evening Standard writer and former Blueprint editor told icon about his plans.

It's just another rainy day in Amsterdam. On a bridge over Herengracht, the most prestigious of the four canals that ring the city centre, Nike is filming a new commercial featuring a teenage athlete who juggles footballs with his feet.

Looks like you might have to throw away all that lovely new office furniture: wireless technology is about to make it all redundant.

The golden age of Dutch architecture is over. Rotterdam's first international architecture biennale has opened in a country with a failing economy, and a newly right-wing political climate.

Has anyone seen the Design Council? The body set up to promote design in the UK has lost its way, say practitioners.