Assa Ashuach

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words Johanna Agerman

Assa Ashuach is preparing to launch a 3D software program that makes it easier for users to customise the work of designers. “It’s about taking a product and making it alive in the virtual world,” says the London-based designer.

Ashuach developed the Digital Forming software, which was four years in the making, with Siavash Mahdavi and his team at the University College London department of computer science. The aim is to make the process of designing a shared experience between designer and user, but more controlled than on an Open Source platform. Through a designer can share a product with potential customers, who can then alter it with the new software.

The first collection of products available to manipulate on Ucodo is designed by co-founder Ashuach. “We already approached a number of designers to work with us, but decided to start with 3D geeks like myself,” he says. The initial range includes a table lamp, a lemon press and a pen.

Once the consumer has altered the designs they can be saved to a personal library. If you decide you want something produced, the manufacturing infrastructure is in place as well. At the moment the products are available in a nylon polymer in a range of colours and finishes and delivery will take two weeks. The Ucodo website will go live in October. 


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