Dark, creepy and mysterious

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words Johanna Agerman

Dark, creepy and mysterious. These aren't the words you would expect to use to describe a new line of prams. Yet they are the exact words that spring to mind when looking at the images of fashion designer Henrik Vibskov's collection for the Dutch pram company Quinny. "I used quite a lot of black for the kids and that's not a colour you'd necessarily use for kids," says Vibskov. "All Quinny's normal products looked too functional, handy and trendy. A bit like kites and parachute gear."

The campaign, which was art-directed by Sandor Lubbe of Zoo magazine, captures toddlers in Vibskov's padded penguin suits frolicking in a dark forest clearing, and a naked leg rising from the murky waters of a lake, balancing two multicoloured strollers. "We created a little story about a musical orchestra of different characters that were based in the woods and the things that happened when they played music together," explains Vibskov of the peculiar mood of the ads.

The collection is based on Vibskov's strength as a fabric designer and consists of 18 pieces ranging from buggies to capes. Copenhagen-based Vibskov obtained a degree in men's wear at Central Saint Martins in 2001. Since then he has been producing men's and women's collections, as well as films and exhibitions, being hailed as one of Denmark's most innovative designers.

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