3D graffiti by Truth

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Urbanirony is the latest project by Polish artist and designer Krystian Czaplicki. The 24-year-old, also known as Truth, first came to our attention a year ago with his lichen-like 3D graffiti on the exterior of buildings in his hometown of Wroclaw (icon 047).

His latest project, curated by Piotr Stasiowski for the Wroclaw Gallery of Contemporary Art, is a series of bright red punctuation marks highlighting down-at-heel parts of the city – framing architectural fragments, stains and piles of rubbish.

“Truth usurps the rights to fragments of the city and describes them with his own means,” says Stasiowski. The brackets, question marks and asterisks signify a move away from abstract or incidental tags towards a more narrative, communicative approach. “I treat working in the city as one big multi-levelled experiment, so moving on and experimenting is a natural part of the Truth Tag project,” says Czaplicki.

“Now, one thing I’m more and more interested in is working near the places I grew up, and the places I played when I was a child,” he adds. It was the memory of broken benches in his local park that inspired two fractured black styrofoam pieces, placed at spots Czaplicki remembered from his childhood. “As time has passed my memories of those objects got slightly deformed. So I’m playing both with my memories and the park itself,” he says. “I want these to look almost like a 3D computer visualisation that strikes passers-by with its perfection.”

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