Issey Miyake's Spring/Summer collection | icon 054 | December 2007

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Words Anna Bates

A blustery runway created by vacuum-cleaner designer James Dyson showed off Issey Miyake’s new collection in October.

Dyson installed five giant hoses blowing air across the Paris catwalk for Miyake’s Spring/Summer collection, called The Wind. The clothes were designed by creative director Dai Fujiwara to respond playfully to breezes.

“The collaboration is a bit unexpected,” says Dyson. “But it’s good fun, a great way to show how exciting design and engineering can be.”

Among the collection are thin nylon coats and dresses that billow out as air circulates around the body and square-shaped garments inspired by sails, as well as pieces with Dyson’s engineering instructions and machine parts integrated into the design.

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