Post A Phone | icon 054 | December 2007

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Words Emma Willis

Post A Phone, the work of British design consultancy Priestman Goode, is a slender, light telephone that can be sent through the mail. It is designed for quick distribution to replace digital landline telephones in the event of an emergency, break or power failure. At 4mm thick it can easily fit through a letterbox and needs little set up.

“This design is a reaction against the hi-tech nature of things,” says Paul Priestman, the phone’s creator. “It’s about going back to the whole idea that you just plug something in and it works, no instruction manual necessary.”

Priestman believes the product is most valuable among the elderly who struggle with the complexity of digital technology. The design includes clear type and labels for pre-programmable buttons such as doctor, police and relatives.

Post A Phone is one hundred per cent recyclable and can be manufactured from plastic or cardboard to keep distribution costs low.

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