Parasite drawers

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words Anna Bates

Parasite Drawers, produced by young Israeli designer Shay Alkalay, allow furniture to be customised with added storage space.

Two lines with a 15º slant are cut into the surface and a sheet of plywood or metal is inserted into each. The wooden drawer is then simply wedged between them.
“They latch onto the furniture – like a parasite,” says London-based designer Alkalay. “You can’t use the drawer by itself, it has to be attached to something. Although it might seem brutal to cut into your furniture, it’s to add some function.”

Alkalay will be exhibiting his Parasite Drawers with fellow Royal College of Art graduates OKAYstudio during London’s design week in September. He is also showing another version of the design that allows you to screw the two sides into a surface rather than saw into it.

“I’ve always been interested in animation, and how stuff moves,” says Alkalay. “This is a cross between mechanism and function.”

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