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Walden | icon 044 | February 2007

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words Daniel West

A doll’s house for grown-ups might be the best way to describe this garden shed with upholstered seating, a bed and cooking facilities, designed by German furniture manufacturer Moormann.

Named Walden, the shed was inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s 1854 book of the same name, about a simple, natural lifestyle. The home-style shed also comes complete with gardening tools, a wheelbarrow and a watering can, all with their own bespoke compartments, as well as a bird box, wine glasses and bookshelves.

With the windows open to the elements, the shed can be vulnerable to variable weather conditions, but a dining area can be sheltered by curtains and a retractable awning that extends on one side. The bed, accessible on the upper level by a ladder, is covered by a perspex sliding sun roof. “There it’s possible to stretch out and enjoy cloud shapes or count stars,” says company founder Nils Holger Moormann.

The shed is made from a variety of woods: untreated larch for the facade, black birch for the interior lounge and storage alcoves, and solid spruce for the ladder. The cooking pot-style barbeque is suspended from a metal chain and can hang internally or outside the window (next to so much wood, it could prove hazardous in windy weather).

Walden’s built dimensions fit the specifications of a standard German delivery truck, allowing the unit to be delivered preformed. As yet only one exists, although Moormann plans to produce it to order in the spring.


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