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Casa da Musica | icon 024 | June 2005

Portugal doesn’t really need Rem Koolhaas. It reputedly produces more architects per head of population than any other country in the world. And it has two of the greatest living architects – Alvaro Siza and Eduardo Souta de Moura – sharing an office in Porto, its second city.

Published in ICON 024 | June 2005

A nomadic museum designed by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban has materialised on the west side of Manhattan.

Published in ICON 023 | May 2005
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Moma | icon 020 | February 2005

Moma was once the world’s greatest laboratory of modern art. Now it is merely its greatest repository.

In 2003, Rem Koolhaas officially ended his love affair with America.

Seattle has set a new standard for public architecture in America with the opening of Rem Koolhaas’ Central Library.

Thursday, 22 March 2007 08:56

Rem Koolhaas | icon 013 | June 2004

The office of Rem Koolhaas is on the seventh floor of an unremarkable office block in Rotterdam – a city “without any demands, without any scene, without any culture, without any temptations,” he says. “we live in an almost perfect stillness and work with incredible urgency.”

Published in ICON 013 | June 2004

The first two spreads contain adverts for Prada and Gucci and one of the first essays is titled “The Evil Architects Do” – welcome to Content, Rem Koolhaas’s new book.

Published in ICON 011 | April 2004

The intersection of mundanity, necessity and the sublime is showcased in the Thomas Heatherwick Conran Collection at the Design Museum.

Published in ICON 011 | April 2004

Thomas Heatherwick is playing with a yellow plastic tooth-flossing device. He picked it up at Boots, and he uses it every day. "Flossing is a nightmare of jamming your fingers in your mouth," he says. "Your fingertips go blue. But you only need one hand to use this."

Thursday, 22 March 2007 05:04

Rem Koolhaas' new Campus Centre

Rem Koolhaas has completed his first North American building, at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Wednesday, 21 March 2007 11:13

New Urban Surfaces | icon 002 | May 2003

Where I live, the pavements are cracked and bruised.

Published in ICON 002 | May 2003
Wednesday, 21 March 2007 09:28

OMA | icon 002 | May 2003

In this theoretical project for the EU, the surfaces of Brussels' bureaucratic quarter are transformed into political billboards.

Published in ICON 002 | May 2003
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