Villa Tumle by Johannes Norlander 09.08.11


I wanted it to look like it was made from paper," says architect Johannes Norlander of the recently completed Villa Tumle, just outside of Gothenburg in Sweden – a residence for a small family.

The hexagonal two-storey house is covered in black corrugated metal sheeting, a reference to the area's shipping yards and heavy industry. "It is also a relatively inexpensive and sturdy material to build a house from," says Norlander.

The aluminium frame windows sit flat on the building's surface and are spread in a seemingly random pattern across the exterior. "I wanted to create as many vantage points out onto the surrounding nature as possible," says Norlander. Situated close to the water and at the edge of the woods, the landscape plays a big part of the interior as well and Norlander has created a very minimalist space to make the views the real centrepiece of the design.

Despite the simplicity of form and material, Norlander finds it difficult to get the right builders onboard for his projects. Previously he designed a villa in Älta (Icon 063) that had similar issues. "There is a real lack of specialist crafts skills in Sweden," says Norlander, "and builders are far too used to prefabricated housing. There really isn't much of a culture for building a house from scratch in this country."


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Rasmus Norlander



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There is a real lack of specialist crafts skills in Sweden and builders are far too used to prefabricated housing

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