More women come forward with allegations against Richard Meier 06.04.18

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Richard MeierPhoto: Richard Meier & Partners Architects

Much-garlanded minimalist architect Richard Meier has been accused of sexual harassment by five former employees, and will consequently take a six- month leave of absence from his firm. The male-dominated architecture industry has so far been relatively untroubled in the wake of the #MeToo movement; revelations regarding such an acclaimed practitioner may prove the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Now The New York Times has published a feature detailing all the allegations of sexual misconduct made against Meier by a series of women, the majority of whom were former employees of his firm Richard Meier & Partners Architects.

Karin Bruckner, who joined Meier's firm in 1989, shares details of an episode in which Meier is said to have begun rubbing himself on her by a copy machine. “I just stood there and froze,” Bruckner said. “‘This is not happening’ — that’s the first thing you think about — ‘He’s not doing this right now, I’m sure he’s not doing this.’”

Since the article has appeared, four more women have come forward with their own allegations against Meier, bringing the total to nine alleged victims. 

In response to the allegations made in the NYT, Meier announced a six-month leave from the office and released an apology prefaced by the words, “While our recollections may differ.” So that's ok, then. 

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