An Island to be Built: Renzo Piano at Kansai International Airport 21.12.17

In an exclusive clip for Icon, Renzo Piano discusses the challenges that helped to shape his seminal Kansai International Airport (1994) in Osaka Bay, Japan

As part of an important new documentary, Conversations with Renzo Piano, the Italian architect explores the inspirations behind his kite-like terminal building for Kansai International Airport (1994) in Osaka Bay, Japan; the opportunities and constraints of designing for a site that did not yet exist; and the process required to create an earthquake-proof structure for the project. 

The interview is one of a series of conversations between Piano and Luis Fernández-Galiano that span the entirety of his career, from which we also present an additional extract, filmed at Piano’s studio in Genoa, in which he discusses the influence of his childhood in the port city, and his father’s career in the building trade, on his future practice, and his quest for lightness and beauty through a process of paring back his structures.

Conversations with Renzo Piano is the first installment from Maestros, a series of conversations commissioned by Barcelona-based Fundación Arquia and produced by White Horse and Folch that will encompass the careers of major international figures in architecture, enabling them to convey their thoughts to future generations of architects. Maestros In Conversation will premiere in 2018, and will be followed by a series of printed publications combining each audiovisual interview with a booklet specially written and illustrated for by the architect and the director.

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