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In August this year, Chinese property developer Country Garden launched an international design competition to put forward ideas for a new sustainable city in Malaysia.

Situated near the Singapore border and spanning 20 sq km, Forest City will be an eco-friendly, smart city. The land, which stretches along a coastline, has been reclaimed from Malaysia’s wetlands and the world’s second largest mangrove forest reserves. With 24 years of experience in sustainable development, Country Garden is collaborating with an international team to develop the scheme. So far, a sales centre, transportation centre and fisherman’s wharf have been built, and a hotel will complete at end of this year.

Country Garden Group has now launched a public competition to shape the future of the city, in an effort to improve the efficiency of land use and enhance the quality of spaces and the environment. It is seeking concepts for:

- transportation and the connections between the city centre and rail transits points
- buildings and public spaces
- a landmark building, which will be a prototype for building in ecologically sensitive contexts like this.

Entrants should submit masterplans, sections, elevations, design analysis and diagrams of green buildings, as well as renders of aerial views, buildings, people and interior spaces. Together, these should:

- describe and define the overall objective and guiding strategy for the masterplan
- build up a stable and sustainable urban space development framework
- specify architectural groupings, interconnection between transportation systems, spatial structures, functions and forms
- develop a master blueprint framework and spatial planning scheme that forms the basis for follow-up architectural design
- present the conceptual design for an iconic complex that co-exists harmoniously with surrounding buildings and landscape.


An expert panel will select a first prize winner, two second prize winners and three third prize winners from the professional candidates, as well as two winners and four runners-up from student entries. Winners will have the opportunity to establish a strategic partnership with the Forest City project and participate in the follow-up design work. Student winners will get the opportunity to work on the project.

1st prize: 500,000RMB ($75,000)
2nd prize: 200,000RMB ($30,000)
3rd prize: 100,000RMB ($15,000)

Top prize: 80,000RMB ($12,000)
Runners up: 20,000RMB ($3,000)

The jury

Adrian Smith, architect of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai
Benjamin Warner, managing director of Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners in Shanghai
Roberto Bannura, director of Steven Holl Architects in Beijing
Yim Sen Kee, executive director of Rocco Design Architects
Meng Jianmin, academic at the Chinese Academy of Engineering
Jiang Huancheng, academic at the Chinese Academy of Engineering
Cui Kai, academic at the Chinese Academy of Engineering
He Jingtang, academic at the Chinese Academy of Engineering

Key dates

15 October 2016: Deadline for registration
31 October 2016: Deadline for submitting design
20 November 2016: Experts meet in Shanghai to review submissions
21 November 2016: Jury meeting and design forum
January 2016: Winners to be announced in ceremony

Further information

Submissions will be accepted in Chinese or English. Visit for detailed information, to enter and to ask questions.

Organised by: Country Garden Group, Country Garden Pacificview
Undertaken by: Architecture Technique magazine
Co-organised by: All Moving Space
Supporting association: World Architecture Festival

Terms and conditions

- All deliverables will be claimed by the Country Garden design team and will not be returned after evaluation
- The organising and undertaking units will reserve the right to borrow any reasonable elements of the deliverables
- The design fees incurred for this competition have covered the cost for the buyout of deliverables (intellectual property) by organiser
- Organiser and undertaker is entitled to use all deliverables for free, including publicising the competition results, introducing, demonstrating or evaluating the design works via media, magazine, books, periodicals or other mediums
- All design works should be original without any infringement of third party’s intellectual property, and the design party shall be liable to take all legal consequences and be disqualified from this competition in any occasion of infringement




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