Bestor’s Blackbirds, Los Angeles 15.10.15

  • The “living street” is an unmarked area shared by cars, bicycles and pedestrians

  • Bedrooms feature dramatically sloped high ceilings

  • The kitchen and living room are open plan

  • The houses are all detached, but the gaps between them are filled in

  • The houses are clad in either black or white

  • The hilly neighbourhood offers long views over the city

  • Interior

  • Interior

  • Echo Park in Los Angeles

In LA’s Echo Park, the architect has created a micro neighbourhood of 18 compact family homes clustered around a communal space, inspired by the Dutch “woonerf”. Bestor calls it “stealth density” and it could provide a new model for living in the increasingly congested West Coast city. But is suburban America ready to share? In our latest issue, Lyra Kilston interviews Bestor. Here, we present Laure Joliet's photographs that accompany the article

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Laure Joliet


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