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Taking place in Birmingham from 6 to 11 October, UK Construction Week will be the largest construction trade event in the country

From 6 to 11 October, UK Construction Week will take place in the expansive halls of Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre. With a smorgasbord comprising nine shows, this year’s UKCW will be the largest construction trade event in the country.

The show will bring together 1,000 exhibitors, and will feature a host of collaborative projects from across the spectrum of construction trades, allowing attendees to gain an insight into the current climate of the trade, and into its future.

“It’s great to see that we now have a show back in Birmingham that is actually covering the whole breadth of the construction industry and looking at the key issues related to construction today,” says Peter Murray, the chairman of New London Architecture .

Starting with trade-only days and then opening its doors to the public on 8 October, visitors will be able to attend Grand Designs Live, the Build Show, Timber Expo, the Surface and Materials Show, Energy 2015, Kitchens and Bathrooms Live, Plant and Machinery Live, HVAC 2015, and Smart Buildings 2015.

London-based Gx Glass has taken inspiration from Venice, with its famed Murano glass, for a pavilion that will be part of the Surfaces and Materials show. Aiming to celebrate the versatility of glass, looking at characteristics from colour to surface finish, the pavilion will allow visitors to walk through and discover a range of products.


The Twist, a collaboration between AA students and TRADA

The Surfaces and Materials Show will also be collaborating with the SCIN Gallery to create an interactive feature for the event. SCIN Gallery, the major materials library and consultancy, is tackling materials trends and innovations. As part of its SCIN Cubed stall, exhibitors will be displaying their materials in a gallery of 60 display pods. Here, visitors will be able to talk to the designers of these materials on a one-to-one basis, a refreshingly old-school take on “interactivity”, with the passion and hard work that has gone into creating these materials just as much on show as the materials themselves.

Elsewhere, at the Timber Expo, TRADA (the Timber Research and Development Association) explores the bending and twisting capacity of timber through The Twist pavilion. Using a series of CNC-cut birch-plywood boards, they have designed an undulating structure that will first be on display at UKCW, after which it will be moved to Bedford Square in London as part of the AA’s Public Programme exhibitions series. Timber is increasingly taking centre stage in contemporary architecture, high-rise building being one important area of development (see page 111). To flesh out the trend, a series of discussions and presentations will complement the pavilion, providing insights into the opportunities provided by the new technology.

John Humphrys, Steph McGovern and Krishnan Guru-Murthy will be chairing the main stage talks that will be taking place throughout the week. These discussions will focus on issues such as how to improve the construction industry’s image.



UK Construction Week


Above: The Glaze pavilion by Cousins & Cousins in collaboration with Gx Glass


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