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Even though I am taken by the magnanimity of this buildings, and its aspects of cold metal and glass reflecting this amazing shimmer of life and colour.
I have always wondered, how people who live here, would think and feel of it. How the design would make them feel, would they feel they were returning home,
or to an icon, how would they be arranging the furniture. in some sense think of the binary of a mundane everyday life, which would also be heart of this magnificent
piece of architecture.
I have always wondered how such buildings are maintained ? Having seen some of the glass facade buildings in Bombay, India and the workers who are employed to keep their sheen alive. In India, there is more dust than Europe, and it surely adds to the long hours of work and cleaning that have to spend on buildings such as these.
Also, i wonder if its easy or difficult to clean, both from inside and outside? I wonder if architects have to ever think about such things?