Monday, 22 February 2016 00:00

Copenhagen airport

Denmark’s biggest airport maintains its reputation for stylish, rational design with its new expansion by Schmidt Hammer Lassen, writes Andrew Ayers

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With its continuous white steel roof plunging and contorting over half a million square metres, Massimiliano Fuksas’s terminal at Shenzhen Bao’an captures both the extraordinary ambition of the southern Chinese city and the sense of wonder of classic airport design, says Owen Pritchard

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Los Angeles International was the seminal jet-age airport and its designers William Pereira and Charles Luckman, the first jet-age modernists. It set the model for how we fly today and established the aesthetic for much of America's military-industrial complex.

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Thursday, 25 July 2013 13:08

Queen Alia International Airport

Foster + Partners’ airport in the Jordanian desert uses local materials and Islamic motifs, but surprises arriving passengers with lush greenery

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Tuesday, 09 August 2011 12:55

Interview: Norman Foster

Never has an architect been so associated with flight as Norman Foster. Here he talks about how he wants to return glamour to air travel, how the Boeing 747 is his favourite work of architecture and how he hopes to be one of Virgin Galactic’s first tourists in space

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Thursday, 24 March 2011 14:37

Airport carpets

At airports we seldom notice the flat-weaved kaleidoscope beneath our feet. But why not pause a while to celebrate the geometric gum-covered sublimity of the airport carpet?

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