There used to be an unspoken code of honour among designers that prevented them from referencing certain subjects in their work. War, death, sex, terrorism, cruelty, disease...

Toyo Ito has created an elegant pavilion for the dead in Japan.

I'm wading through marketing blurb that reads as though Heat magazine has been Magimixed with a compendium of Victorian poetry.
The Venice Architecture Biennale is the biggest, most important exhibition about the state of architectural culture worldwide, and this time there was almost no architecture in it.

What could you do for your city's design scene with £1.6 million?

The GBU-28 was the primary tool in the redesign of southern Beirut.

Plastic koi carp and models decorated with koi patterns form a collection created by Berlin-based Japanese designer Yoske Nishiumi.

"If you’re going to write about me you need to know something," says PeterZumthor sternly. "My reputation is completely wrong. Everything you think I am, I am not."