Petra blaisse and I are standing in the passport control queue in Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport. Somehow this is both the most mundane and, for its strangeness, the most exotic place to start an interview.

Bubblegum is proof that man is a fundamentally creative animal.
“There’s a huge pink she-beast with another smaller male, almost like a black widow,” says artist Jason Hackenwerth, describing his balloon installation, Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife, at New York’s Diesel Denim Gallery.

Japanese parks are surrealistic landscapes of good intentions.

Jaime Hayon has been in many different tribes.

I rescued this book from under Anthony Vidler’s recent volume on Claude-Nicolas Ledoux in the books-I-really-ought-to-read-but-probably-never-will pile.

A seal-shaped bodysuit is just one of the eccentric pieces in a collection of woollen products by Icelandic design studio Vesurgata 17.

The business world has decided that design is the key to commercial success. But, says author and critic Rick Poynor, all this rhetoric about "design" is just a faddish attempt to meet the growing demands of branding.

The Barbican’s survey of the architectural avant-garde over the last 50 years is like a members' club. You only make it in if you show the right kind of originality.