The sight of a dozen naked men in full body paint shrieking and convulsing on the stage was the image that brought the curtain down on Tokyo Designers Block (TDB).
What does this new monograph tell us about Zaha? That the first thing that needs exploding is her image.

Everyone had been waiting for the scaffolding to come down. And it did, just long enough for the Queen to cut the ribbon, before going back up. But now it really is finished, and architectural photographers from all over Europe have been descending on Edinburgh in search of the definitive shot.

Brutal, beautiful and big: the long-awaited addition to the Grand Theft Auto series smears a bloody hand over the boundaries between shoot-’em-up, social satire and morality play.

“Yes, I’m paying, because rich magazines and museums won’t do it – and I’m the struggling artist!” It’s 11pm on a cold late October night in Utrecht. The last Eurostar back to London left hours ago, I have no credit card or cash and Job Smeets of Studio Job is angry that no one else has offered to pay for dinner.

4330 technicolour glass discs have been used to cloak the facade of the Galleria department store, which just reopened in Seoul, South Korea.

“Fashion used to be really exciting in Tokyo but now it’s more about design,” says Teruo Kurosaki– the most influential figure in contemporary design in Japan. “It’s really exciting here and full of energy.”

says Mark Dytham of Tokyo-based architect Klein Dytham. To find out why, we spoke to Dytham and Eizo Okada, who runs architecture and design blog

On Omotesando-dori, architecture and consumption come together like nowhere else on earth. Along this tree-lined avenue, and in the backstreets of the Aoyama district that it bisects, are dozens of contemporary palazzi, built not by wealthy, cultured citizens, but by global fashion houses. Oxford Street, the Champs Elysées and Madison Avenue look tired by comparison.