There were no products in the Recession Design exhibition at the Salone this year, just a set of instructions for visitors to pick up so they could make the products themselves.

A sculpted chunk of intergalactic obsidian that has dropped into the suburbs of Tokyo, Za-Koenji Public Theatre in Suginami is Toyo Ito's latest creation.

"We built them like a puzzle," says Belgian architect Jan De Vylder of the glass facades on his recently completed studios for two performing arts companies.
These Porcelain plaster lamps from young designer Julien Carretero hang colourfully but do not try to be pretty.

Muji and Thonet have collaborated on a range of bentwood and tubular steel furniture.

A staircase leading to the sky protrudes from this house in Chardonne, Switzerland.
The City of Justice is David Chipperfield Architects' mammoth new project in Barcelona.

Now that London's National Film Theatre has become "BFI Southbank", what used to be the NFT bar under Waterloo Bridge has become "The Riverfront", run by catering chain Benugo.

We asked designers Sam Hecht and Kim Colin - Industrial Facility - to delve into their collection of cheap things. In the latest in the series they look at two recent acquisitions from Greece and Italy.