The Flatpack Ply Stool

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words Johanna Agerman

The flatpack Ply stool is a collaboration between furniture designer Michael Marriot and fashion brand Paul Smith for the London Design Festival in September.

“They approached me about a collaboration when I was working on the idea for this design,” says Marriot. He took them up on the offer and now a limited edition of 100 stools is going on sale exclusively in Paul Smith’s stores.

Ply is designed from five pieces of untreated plywood adorned with a stripy screenprint conceived by Smith. The pieces slot together like a jigsaw and fasten with a zip tie attached to the seat.

The stool is manufactured entirely in London and each piece is slightly different as the screenprint comes in eight different colours. “There are many permutations because of the colours, and of course you have the wonder of wood that makes each piece unique,” says Marriot.

The 6mm thick plywood gives the impression of thick card but the piece is sturdy and simple to put together. “They go together very easily – there are no tools needed, you just fasten the zip ties and Bob’s your uncle,” says Marriot.


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