Icon Minds podcast: The Future of the City 14.01.19

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630podFrom L-R: Mariana Pestana, Jamie Fobert, Priya Khanchandani and Paul Dobraszczyk

Between utopian dreams and dystopic nightmares, we find a real future for our cities. We find out what tomorrow holds with one of Britain's leading architects, a top designer and the writer of the book Future Cities


Cities will become the dominant way of life around the world in coming centuries – the UN predicts two thirds of the global population will be urban dwellers by 2050. How will designers need to adapt to face new demands, new technology and new challenges these cities pose? To find out more, Icon editor Priya Khanchandani sits down at the Arper showroom in London with architect Jamie Fobert, Paul Dobraszczyk (author of the forthcoming Future Cities: Architecture and the Imagination), and Mariana Pestana (designer and curator for The Decorators). 




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