Downtown Los Angeles: Thriving in the grit 07.09.15

LA 4

Drawn by sunshine and cheap studio space, a dynamic creative community is making its home in a neighbourhood that has long been associated with grime and vice. We explore the area in the latest issue of Icon

For our Cities issue, we visited and photographed Downtown LA. With its large inventory of shabby but affordable buildings, plenty of old factories ripe for conversion and good transport links, DTLA has become the city’s most dynamic creative hub and is putting Los Angeles’s design scene on the global map.

Below, are Chantal Anderson’s photographs of the area and its creative community. For the full story by Tom Morris, pick up a copy of the magazine.

LA 2

Old industrial buildings ripe for the taking

LA 3

Rounded Metal Planter by Brook & Lyn



Chantal Anderson


Above: Hopie and Lily Stockman, co-founders of Block Shop Textiles

LA 1 

Guard dogs reveal the area’s down-at-heel past

LA 7

The Ace Hotel, based in the former United Artists building, which was inspired by the cathedral in Segovia, Spain

LA 5

The Ace Hotel’s LA Chapter restaurant, a popular meeting place for the design community

LA 6

Block Shop’s colourful studio, round the corner from the Ace

LA 8

An old industrial edifice in the Arts District

LA 9

Mimi Jung and Brian Hurewitz of Brook & Lyn

LA 10

Two Rounded Metal Planters by Brook & Lyn (above and below)

LA 11

LA 12

Michael Felix in his Palmetto Street showroom, a former paint factory

LA 14

Felix’s Friends stool


LA 13

Austere’s design store on South Hill Street

LA 15

Blue Bottle Coffee, a recent addition to the Arts District

LA 16

Looking up in the Arts District


LA 17

Iko Iko store, Chinatown

LA 18

Shin Okuda, designer of the Waka Waka range

LA 19

Okuda’s Leaning Cylinder chair

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