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Detail of the Mercedes Benz museum by UN Studio, which Design to Production

Design to Production is a new kind of practice that we may be seeing a lot more of in the future. Founded by computer scientist Fabian Scheurer and architect Arnold Walz in 2006, it's a consultancy that helps architects - from UN Studio to Zaha Hadid - realise their visions. In many ways it's the exact analogy of the role that Moritz Waldemeyer plays on the design list, except that here the skills are parametric modelling and software customisation. It sounds geeky, and it is, because complex geometric forms require increasingly sophisticated scripting and construction. In digital design and fabrication circles, Scheurer and Walz have become the go-to guys for any practice that needs bespoke structural parts manufactured or simply a morale boost when they think they've designed the unbuildable. In short, they're the next evolution of the structural engineer.

Arnold Walz

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Adam Laycock



Justin McGuirk, Johanna Agerman, William Wiles, Anna Bates, Beatrice Galilee, Oliver Wainwright, Alex Pasternack, Matthew Barac, Sean Dodson


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