The Icon 20/20 Architects: Neri Oxman 01.05.09

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Cartesian Wax surface system, 2008

Neri Oxman is one of the champions of organic architecture, based on computation and biomimicry. The Israeli-born, Boston-based AA graduate is currently finishing her PhD at the MIT where her thesis is a rejection of the formalist project. "We can now generate any kind of complex geometry and you see a lot of the big architecture offices trying to resolve complex forms, but instead of starting with form we can start with behaviour and performance."

Her structural tile system Cartesian Wax is designed to replicate the properties of living tissue. And her Monocoque design is reminiscent of natural vascular structures. But Oxman's ideas won't remain within theory: after her doctorate she is setting up a research laboratory at an Ivy League institution and this summer she starts her first full-scale building project in Austria.




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