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Design for the Ordos house in Inner Mongolia

"At first our name was !@#?," says Hilary Sample, "which we quickly found was too difficult to use because, one, you couldn't pronounce it and, two, you couldn't get a web address." In their new incarnation as Mos, Sample and her partner Michael Meredith are finding their name is on the up. Securing this year's PS1 courtyard installation in Queens and finding themselves on the list of the Ordos housing project in Inner Mongolia, curated by Ai Weiwei, has added to zeitgestyness around the young New York office, which only hired its first full-time designers a year ago.

"Afterparty", its PS1 installation, is a series of industrial-looking cones thatched with concrete. This is a primitive, back-to-basics proposition for a site more used to the digital fantasies of recent years.

Both partners grew up in small town America and they are fascinated with the possibilities of the vernacular, playing with the potential of revisiting old-fashioned typologies in new contexts. Mos' use of repetitive patterns is deliberately playful and results in thoughtful little houses and installations with clever designs and innovative uses of materials.

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Adam Laycock



Justin McGuirk, Johanna Agerman, William Wiles, Anna Bates, Beatrice Galilee, Oliver Wainwright, Alex Pasternack, Matthew Barac, Sean Dodson


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