Future 50: Petr Novikov 01.08.13

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Icon asked a dozen experts and practitioners to nominate the people they think are, in some way, shaping the future. The resulting list of global talent is a snapshot that shows how young designers and architects are pushing the boundaries of their disciplines and trying to change the world

After graduating from the Moscow Architectural Institute and the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Russia-born Petr Novikov has specialised in the field of construction robotics. During an internship at the Joris Laarman Lab, he and Saša Jokic wanted to overcome the limitations of 3D printing – that of having to build up layers on flat, specially prepared surfaces. The resulting Mataerial Robot is an "anti-gravity object modelling" process by which a robotic arm extrudes a thermosetting polymer, and the two components react together to set almost instantly. Last year, Novikov worked on Stone Spray, in which a robotic arm printing with sand (or soil) and glue created objects not as strong as concrete, but comparable to one layer of brick. "It's a more humanitarian idea," Novikov says. But it's not 3D printing that interests him so much as the interplay between his two disciplines. "In one sentence," Novikov says, "Architecture will change robotics and robotics will change architecture."


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