Saturday, 24 March 2007 11:14

"Is this it?" | icon 033 | March 2006

It's a cold Tuesday morning in Rotterdam, and my photographer and I are standing in front of an uninteresting brick building on the docks. We came here to do a story about a warehouse full of designers.

Published in ICON 033 | March 2006

Intimately associated with the conceptual approach that has characterised Dutch design for the past decade, Design Academy Eindhoven is one of the most highly regarded design schools in the world. Now it is shifting its focus and creating a new agenda for the next generation of Dutch designers.

Thursday, 22 March 2007 11:00

Joris Laarman | icon 016 | October 2004

Joris Laarman only graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven last year but is already being touted as one of the Netherlands’ most promising young designers. Just 24, he is working with Droog to get his graduation project, a baroque concrete radiator called Reinventing Functionality, into production by the end of 2004.