The Finnish master's work is always a joy, but his interpreter feels more like an interloper
Can we finally say goodbye? What is it that makes some typefaces so successful in the Darwinian struggle of constantly proliferating fonts? Let's take Helvetica, a typeface currently celebrating its 50th birthday.
The German architect is sitting in his office in Berlin, trying to categorise his newly completed canteen for Karlsruhe University, with its green skeleton full of sloping columns and curved surfaces.

A study in soft light and sharp contrasts, Steven Holl's Bloch Building transforms the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri, from a respected regional institution into a focal point of worldwide attention.

"Our architects will probably never grace the front cover of a magazine," says Cameron Sinclair. "Not for this work."

Christian Czaplicki brings a new architectural edge to graffiti.

Never a dull moment in Cape Town. It's a sun-splashed jamboree of some of the world's most impressive design talent, and the kind

A splice of rural village and urban penthouse, the Didden Village "roof city" is the latest housing innovation to come from Dutch architects MVRDV.? The project comprises three individual pitched-roof houses and a courtyard for chickens and trees, perched on top of a roof in the centre of Rotterdam.

Reed Kram and Clemens Weisshaar are one practice but their desks are 816 miles apart.