Daniel Libeskind's new museum in Copenhagen opened in June with publicity proclaiming it “Libeskind’s Danish Jewish Museum”, confirming not only the brand status of his name, but that he is the signature architect of Jewish museums.

Joris Laarman only graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven last year but is already being touted as one of the Netherlands’ most promising young designers. Just 24, he is working with Droog to get his graduation project, a baroque concrete radiator called Reinventing Functionality, into production by the end of 2004.

“Hey, that’s Frank Gehry.” Whispers and excitement spread through the crowd as a short, white-haired man in a black suit takes a stroll in downtown Chicago.

Chicago: home of the skyscraper, home of Frank Lloyd Wright and Mies van der Rohe, home of Oprah. This summer the city unveiled its most ambitious piece of urban planning since it hosted the World’s Fair in 1893, and the godmother of daytime TV donated $1 million towards the bill.

Depending on who you ask, craft either occupies a netherworld somewhere below art and design, or is an evil blight on society that ought to be stamped out entirely. But not only are such prejudices based on meaningless distinctions, some of the most successful young designers happen to be craftsmen.

In 2003, Rem Koolhaas officially ended his love affair with America.

“Ever since i was a kid I hated the fact that someone kicked us out of paradise, you know? I wanted to go and squat in the forbidden tree. I wanted to live with the serpent and eat apples every day. Nobody can kick me out of paradise.”
Shades of Guantanamo and Iraq penetrate the V&A in Lucy Orta’s latest work. Kieran Long was one of the boys in the hood.

“I’m trying to find a way to design where there is no residue, where everything is used - like in pig farming.” Catalan architect Josep Crivillers Costa is not making this any more glamorous than it already is.

Suddenly America is building some of the world’s most exciting architecture. So what’s happening in the land of the mall?