Icon 120: 10th Anniversary 07.05.13

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Icon 120: 10th Anniversary

Icon is ten years old this month. The first issue featured Future Systems’ Birmingham Selfridges on the cover: a bulbous, blue, sci-fi structure, studded with aluminium discs like a fly’s eye. It immediately identified the magazine, which launched with an irreverential verve, with an emerging avant-garde. Over the last 120 issues, Icon has become something of an institution, yet it continues to celebrate the very latest in architecture and design with a rigorous, critical, subversive, independent and intelligent eye. And it remains committed to introducing exciting new talent.

For this special “collectors” issue, we revisited Amanda Levete, former partner at Future Systems, to explore her private cabinet of curiosities and find out how it relates to her work. Paul Smith, who appeared on the cover of Icon 011, also invited us to his Department of Silly, a Pythonesque collection of ephemera that continually inspires him. Richard Rogers (Icon 049) showed us his collection of his mother’s pottery and Peter Marigold (Icon 074) shared his stash of imperfect objects.

We also asked all our past cover stars, from Daniel Libeskind to Toyo Ito, Maarten Baas to Matali Crasset, to complete a psychological questionnaire (the “Icon Test”), in which they look back over the past ten years and forward to the next decade, while hopefully revealing something of their hidden selves.

Christopher Turner

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