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Icon 109 is out now

Our July issue is devoted to 'Maps'. We look at two groups of radical geographers on the west coast of America. Stamen, a design and technology studio based in San Francisco, has created computer programs that turn information about crime patterns, property values and traffic numbers into accessible and aesthetically compelling maps. Our cover features their Watercolor Map of The Hague, a beautiful digital rendering that deliberately introduces some of the irregularities of the handmade.

The Center for Land Use Interpretation, based in Los Angeles, uses Google Maps to create a database of "unusual and exemplary sites". By charting how the landscape has been altered, in a myriad of ways, by man, CLUI encourages us to look at how our surroundings are stratified in layers of meaning.

Our Icon of the Month is GPS, which is still owned and maintained by the US military. We also look at the architecture of the war room in fact in fiction, where leaders sit at the centre of a web and maps which represent the levers of power and chart our global destiny.

Up front: Gehry's stone tower in Hong Kong, an angular cinema in Amsterdam, Kieran Timberlake's research buildings in Houston and our round-up of the Milan Furniture Fair, featuring the Bouroullecs and Front. And we bring you the latest in kitchen and bathroom design in our 44-page design report.

In Review, we survey the biggest Bauhaus exhibition in 40 years, save Nicholas Hawksmoor from the psychogeographers, interpret the world through a new deck of tarot cards, and question a clash of anthropology and contemporary art in Paris.


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