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Icon 108 is out now

Icon 108 is devoted to Sacred Spaces. The designer Thomas Heatherwick is building an aviary on top of the “Towers of Silence” in Mumbai, where the city’s Zoroastrian community practises its ancient custom of “sky burial”, which involves vultures and other birds of prey stripping cadavers to the bone in as little as three days. The idea of shooting Heatherwick with a turkey vulture somehow appealed to celebrated photographer David Bailey (who in 1968 photographed Catherine Deneuve with a stuffed flamingo) – “It was just such an odd request,” he said – and the results are suitably haunting.

We examine how the Apple store, that place of modern pilgrimage, is loaded with symbolism designed to draw in and retain the company’s devout followers. We also ask why architects are so keen to design actual churches, despite their lack of enthusiasm for what they symbolise. And we look at how designers such as Sebastian Bergne and Karim Rashid have been reimagining ritual objects for the 21st century.

Up front there are new churches in Tenerife and Helsinki, a tiled museum by Kengo Kuma in China, Frank Gehry’s theatre in New York, Eric Jourdan’s sculptural furniture, and a cooker that’s helping Kenyan slum-dwellers. In Review, Owen Hatherley looks through a guide to the architecture of Pyongyang, the V&A puts on a grand survey of British Design, Jean-Louis Cohen looks back to the future of architecture, and an unusual collector displays his “hoard” of rare books and textiles.


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