Icon 106: Mobile Phones 02.03.12

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This year the number of mobile phones will exceed the 7 billion humans on the planet. For our April 2012 (Icon 106) issue we asked novelists, academics, experts and designers to reflect on this communication revolution, in a 22-page special on how cell phones have changed the ways we behave, connect to and navigate the world. And to make their own predictions about how mobile phone technology will look in the future.

Up front there’s Àlvaro Siza’s winery in Portugal, new products from IMM Cologne, a surprising house by Suppose Design Office, Yves Béhar’s touchscreen tablet, Pei Zhu’s spaceship-like design museum in Shenzhen and a new era for 100% Design.

In Review, we look at interviews with metabolist architects, Chile’s experiments with socialism and cybernetics, photographs of urban decay around the world, and a monograph on Ernst May.

Plus: 28 pp of the latest and best in outdoor design in our Outdoor Design Report.


Will Self


No signal

Cell phone towers


Camera phones


London riots








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