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Icon 104 is out now

The February issue of Icon is devoted to ‘Food’. We look at the overlooked world of food design – why are there Alessi jugs and Starck lemon squeezers in MoMA’s design collection, but no Kinder Surprise eggs? – and at the architects and designers who ask important questions about why industrially produced food looks the way it does.

The Spanish designer Martí Guixé creates playful edible objects in which he applies modern design principles to the mass-produced foodstuffs we take for granted (he has even reinvented the lollipop). He talks us through some of his designs.

Industrial designers are bringing factory food processing into the home with 3D printers that allow you to build up your meal line by line with food inks – but will this just further remove us from the reality of the manufacture of the ingredients? New York architect WORKac wants to redesign cities, fusing rural and urban environments, eradicating cars, and reclaiming and greening roofs and streets. With a projected 3 billion more people by 2050, 80% of whom will live in cities, WORKac’s responds to our impending food crisis with an adaptation of a slogan from 1968: ‘Above the pavement, the farm!’

Up front, there’s OMA’s school of architecture at Cornell, Herzog & de Meuron’s Museum of Culture in Basel, a windowless house in Japan, Studio Glithero’s process-inspired works and a range of ceramic electronics.

In Review, we look at David Adjaye’s sweeping survey of Africa, Michael Sorkin’s latest collection of essays, and a four-day festival of lights in Durham.


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