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Issue 099 is out now

Issue 099 is out now and the theme is “Artificial Intelligence”. On the cover of our September issue is BERG, the design practice busy “inventing next year”. “The world is full of non-human actors that we have to get along with,” they say. Looking further ahead, Miles Kemp of Variate Labs, “robotic architecture’s most fervent evangelist”, imagines the intelligent house of 50 years from now being staffed with nanobots, shapeshifting to our changing needs and moods. Less optimistically we visit the post-apocalyptic world of Dutch artist Christiaan Zwanikken, which is inhabited by uncanny automata. And firmly in the present, we explore the architecture of datacentres, the vast, anonymous storehouses of our digital traffic.

Up front there’s a pavilion for wild reindeer spotters in Norway, rare Jean Prouvé furniture designs at Design Miami/Basel, Peter Zumthor’s Serpentine Pavilion, the Playboy Club in London, Charles Correa’s medical research centre in Lisbon and a visit to Studio FormaFantasma’s workshop in Eindhoven. We also dissect a robotic mannequin and as Icon of the Month we celebrate Dieter Rams’ 606 shelving system.

And in Review we follow the twists and turns of vorticist art, look at how photography influenced Charlotte Perriand’s furniture, explore the sentient city and enjoy a novel about architects.


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