Issue 098 is out now 01.07.11


Issue 098 is out now

Icon 098 is out now. In our “Toys” issue we asked seven of London’s most exciting architects to make new models out of Lego’s series of classic buildings – leading to an orgy of melting, experimenting, deconstructing and adulterating.

Many firms picked Fallingwater – described by Lego on the box as “the most famous residential home in the world” – and were familiar with Frank Lloyd Wright’s claim that his organic style was influenced by the wooden blocks he played with in kindergarten. We also look at the influence Friedrich Froebel, the inventor of the kindergarten system, had on Wright, Le Corbusier, Walter Gropius and Buckminster Fuller. It has been argued that the abstract design games they played there laid the foundations of modern architecture.

In the present day we look at David Rockwell, an American architect who worked with child psychologists to invent a system of outsized foam building blocks for use in the playgrounds that he has designed in New York and (opening soon) London; and we visit designer Floris Hovers in his studio in the Netherlands where he has created a range of metal toy vehicles, and boats made from salvaged plastic bottles.

Up front we look at new work by Zaha Hadid, Plasma Studio, Richard Rogers and Konstantin Grcic and present the highlights of Clerkenwell Design Week. While in Review we look at architecture during wartime, the history of the spacesuit, Regency London at the ICA and the work of Adler & Sullivan. That’s all in Icon 098, out now.


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