Issue 092 out now 07.01.11

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Issue 092 out now

Icon 092 is out now – join us for a trip into "digital worlds", our theme for February. Leading the adventure is Zaha Hadid Architects: we report on the astonishing Guangzhou Opera House, colliding parametric forms on the banks of the Pearl River. Patrik Schumacher talks us through its computer-carved spaces.

Closer to Zaha Hadid than you might imagine is the mesmerising virtual world of Tron: Legacy. Director Joseph Kosinski tells us how his architectural background and influences from Mies van der Rohe to Neil Denari shaped the film, and we explore how digital technologies are bringing architecture and filmmaking ever closer.

And still inside the digital realm, Jim Rossignol surveys the latest urban design from the world of computer games and argues that the cities being created by games designers are compelling characters in their own right.

Up front, we say farewell to the Technics turntable, there's new work from NORD and Raw-Edges, the tallest tower in the world and a designer-infested Japanese love hotel. In Review, we dine out on the motorways and gnaw on bones, and there's Japanese fashion and mysterious capsules. That's all in Icon 092, the February issue, out now.



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