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A New Icon has Arrived! 16.11.10

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A New Icon has Arrived!

This month, Icon has a completely new look. The magazine has been redesigned by Ken Leung, founding designer of Monocle, and new editor Christopher Turner, former editor-in-chief of Modern Painters and editor at Cabinet, has expanded the editorial, introducing new sections and new features.

As well as bringing you the best in international architecture and design every month, every issue of Icon now has a theme. This month it’s “Survival”. We visit the Svalbard Global Seed Vault above the Arctic Circle, an extraordinary building that stores the means to restart civilisation. In Paris, radical architect François Roche talks radiation, contagion and revolution. Artist Mary Mattingly makes wearable homes to make the wilderness inhabitable. Designers Dunne & Raby develop prosthetics for a starving world. And we look at the people who build and sell bunker spaces.

But there’s also the usual high-quality Icon content. In news, we’ve got Zaha Hadid’s school in Brixton, an Ikea cookbook, an impromptu Czech sauna, a house for death in Japan, a bisected bunker, a wheel that cycles for you and the best from the London Design Festival. In review, Brasília celebrates its birthday with lavish photography, Owen Hatherley dissects the urban renaissance, Patrick Keiller returns with Robinson and there’s a feast of kitchen design. That’s all in the redesigned Icon 090.



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