Dune 4.2 by Studio Roosegaarde 07.12.09

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words Lucy Bullivant

Dune 4.2 is an interactive landscape created by Studio Roosegaarde along the River Maas in south-west Rotterdam. It’s 60 m long and uses no more than 60W of energy, making it a sustainable public artwork.

A glinting “bush” of fibres, the installation detects human movements, “conversing” with the sounds and motions of passing pedestrians by brightening its hundreds of LED lights.

With Dune 4.2, architect Daan Roosegaarde explores his theory that humans and technology are evolving towards an eventual sensual symbiosis. His most famous example of this to date is his sustainable dance floor, Flow 5.0, which generated electricity from the movements of the clubbers using it.

You can see Studio Roosegaarde in the Victoria & Albert Museum’s exhibition of digital design, Decode, which opens to the public tomorrow, 8 December.

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