Heroic Shelves & Simple Boxes at Galerie Kreo 23.11.09

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words Emma Stopford

Martin Szekely’s new exhibition called Heroic Shelves & Simple Boxes at Galerie Kreo, Paris, is of lightweight cork and aluminium furniture, typical of his experimental approach to materials.

The Heroic Shelves of the exhibitions title are light structures designed to disappear into the background behind the content they are filled with – they avoid catching the eye. Made from 4mm honeycomb aluminium and two layers of 1mm anodised aluminium, the shelves are a tiny 6mm thick. A series of thin flat surfaces intersect at 90 degree angles with cross-shaped aluminium braces for strength to form the free-standing shelving structures.

In contrast the Simple Boxes have a thick, chunky aesthetic and are constructed with waxed, compressed cork panels, producing robust-looking but surprisingly light pieces. They consist of two cupboards with sliding doors and drawers, a chest of drawers, a coffee table and a table with metal legs.

Based on the idea that items such as stools, tables and drawers are based on a box structure with parts removed or replaced, the project has definite notes of Jasper Morrison’s Crate series.

The exhibition is open until 19 December 2009


picture Fabrice Gousset

picture Fabrice Gousset

picture Fabrice Gousset

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