Pool Noodle Rooftop by Inaba architects 23.10.09

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words Douglas Murphy

On the roof terrace of the former Dia Art Foundation building in Chelsea, New York, Los Angeles-based Inaba architects has designed Pool Noodle Rooftop, a seating installation made from flotation aids.

Since March, this Manhattan warehouse has been occupied by the X-initiative, a not-for-profit art consortium. Each floor of the building is a separate exhibition space, and the rooftop is to be used for film screenings and special events. The initiative is dedicated to exploring new ways of creating and experiencing art in response to the “major philosophical and economic shifts impacting culture”.

Inaba’s rooftop design takes the X of the X-initiative as its main figure: a cross-shaped carpet stretches across the rooftop, and cruciform couches are strewn across the space, the forms encouraging relaxed multiple seating arrangements. As the project title suggests, the couches are constructed from 6,000 “pool noodles”, the foam buoyancy aids used by swimmers. Seen from above, these squishy, multi-coloured seats of varying heights spell out the word “bububluooopppp”, a suitably fun aquatic touch.

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