Weingut Claus Preisinger Winery by PropellerZ 21.10.09

words Douglas Murphy

The Weingut Claus Preisinger winery and visitor centre has opened in Burgenland, Austria’s heartland of wine production. A streamlined post-deconstruction form designed by Viennese practice PropellerZ, the building is realised in a cleverly blended palette of timber and concrete.

Claus Preisinger is a young and fashionable vintner with a traditional and hands-on approach; the new building reflects this in its contrasts of dynamic, modernist and classical design languages. Trapezoidal Hadid-esque cantilevered concrete benches contrast with tightly detailed shelves, upon which rest the timeless bottles, and on the strikingly unfenestrated exterior the grooves of the timber cladding are mimicked by channels cast into the concrete.

PropellerZ have previous winery design experience; their Weingut Hoffman has a similar expressive refinement and bi-material approach, although the previous building is rendered in steel rather than concrete.

picture Hertha Hernaus

picture Hertha Hernaus

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